Julia Roberts After Pregnancy Weight Loss Before and After

Roberts wasn’t too anxious about losing the weight after her second pregnancy. “She was so active already after having the two kids [twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, now 4],” says trainer Kathy Kaehler. “It was more about getting back into her old routine.” Roberts stayed in shape during pregnancy with regular yoga sessions, and then hit the pool with Kaehler for hourlong workouts to slim down postpartum. Roberts did a lot of deep-water running (wearing a buoyancy belt) and leg kicks at the side of the pool. “Swimming is a way to do vigorous, large-motion exercise in the water without any impact, so it’s much better for your joints,” says Kaehler. On dry land, Roberts also did step workouts to burn calories while toning. A favorite move: the Squat with Cards, which has Roberts hold a few playing cards and squat as she deals them down to the ground and picks them up.

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Julia Roberts before and after pregnancy

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Julia Roberts Beach Look

Beach Look

Kaehler, who insists that moms shouldn’t “diet” right after giving birth, suggested that Julia eat “real foods” — things that are not sold in a box or bucket or passed through the drive-thru. Though she did not supervise Roberts’ diet, the trainer recommended that Roberts eat small meals throughout the day.

Julia Roberts before and after

Beach Look before and after

Julia Roberts Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Julia Roberts


Also, you may have loved watching Eat Pray Love, but did you know Julia Roberts had to gain 10 pounds to play angst-ridden Elizabeth Gilbert? Gilbert reportedly gained 30 pounds during her journey of self discovery and Roberts felt like she needed to gain weight too to be authentic.