Seth Rogen Before and After Weight Loss

Seth Rogen dropped about 40 pounds in late 2008 for a movie role. The weight is still off, though the funnyman now feels like he’s sold out. “I think for chubby guys, I was their guy so they were like, ‘I can be chubby. Seth Rogen’s chubby, so who cares.’ he joked. “But now I’m not so chubby anymore. So now they’re like, ‘I have to lose weight.’ I’ve let them down. I’ve blatantly sold out. It’s only for money.”(Seth Rogen’s Amazing Weight Transformation- HOW!?)

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How did he do it?

Seth was able to lose the weight thanks to the 5 Factor Diet, created by Hollywood celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. The ’5’ refers to doing nearly all things 5 times, which makes it an easy breezy diet to follow. The plan recommends dieters eat, as well as work out, in five increments each day (the latter might be the hardest part). But the diet works.

Seth Rogen Before and After

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Seth Rogen Workout Plan

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Rogen bulked up to kick butt in The Green Hornet, it hasn’t been easy for him to stay in super-hero shape. “I’m slowly outgrowing all the clothes I bought last year,” he told Us Weekly. “It’s a sad thing. I gave away all my fat clothes, thinking ‘I won’t need these anymore,’ but I do!”

Seth Rogen Weight loss story


Seth Rogen After Weight Gain

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That doesn’t mean Seth hasn’t stopped tyring to keep those extra pounds off, especially considering he’s a newlywed who wants to look good for his new bride. But what’s Seth’s wieght loss secret? Well, it’s no secret at all. Instead of plug a miracle diet pill or supplement, Rogen attributes his svelt figure to good ol’ fashioned dieting and exercise.

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At a time when everyone is dying to hear celebs’ slim down secrets, it’s refreshing to hear this down-to-earth actor admitted that he did it the old-fashioned way. There is no miracle pill, but the closest thing we have to a surefire weight-loss strategy is exercising more and eating right.

Seth Rogen Weight loss story


Seth Rogen weight loss did not only make looks leaner, but he also looks healthier. Though he claims he doesn’t care how he looks or feels, certainly something motivated him to start eating better.