How American Idol’s Lauren Alaina Lost 25 Pounds!

Runner up of American Idol season 10, Lauren Alaina has joined the league of svelte shaped celebs. Having released her album Wildflower, ranked at no. 5 on the Billboard 200, the teenager girl completely astounded everyone with her transformed weight.

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The young songstress went through a noticeable transformation after her debut on Idol when she dropped 25 pounds and walked the red carpet looking sassier than ever. Alaina said, “Changing my diet was the big thing. I had to learn portion control.” Managing to keep the weight off and losing another 15 pounds in the years since Idol, Alaina credits her low carb diet that’s high in protein for her weight loss while hitting the gym and doing “lots of squats” to keep both her core and legs toned.

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Lauren shed twenty-five pounds in five months by being on balanced diet and regular workouts. Flattered with her slim body shape, the talented star is now full of beans and seems all set to embrace name, fame, and glamour of Hollywood.

Lauren Alaina Shares Secrets of Her Diet

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While revealing the secret regarding contribution of diet in weight loss, Lauren confesses, healthy diet really helped her a lot in acquiring slender body shape. Due to not having adequate know-how of balanced diet, the young star preferred having pre-packaged meals.

Lauren Alaina changed her diet and workout routine


Lauren used workouts as an effective means to strip off pounds. She practiced diverse workouts such as crunches, squats, lunges, push-ups etc. to zap away calories. It indeed was not easy for bulky Lauren to shed pounds. But in spite of all that, she shaved off pounds from her body. She shares that she has not yet reached her weight loss objective, as she is still ten pounds far from her goal.

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Crunches are effective way means to tone your abdominal muscles. Mere ten minutes of intense crunches can burn sixty five to hundred calories from your body. It’s a swift and rewarding way of exercise. Along-with torching calories, crunches also help in improving your posture, which further saves you from back pain and spinal related problems.

Lauren Alaina recommends her fans to stop being paranoid over unfair comparisons made with other gorgeous girls. You all have your own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of harping on your negative traits, should you divert your attention to your assets, you can soar to the height of great success and glory.