Drew Shares How He Lost So Much Weight

Drew Carey, “The Price is Right” star has been in the public spotlight for his dramatic weight loss in 2016. Drew has always struggled with his weight and said that he failed to lose weight about five times before he really dialed it in the last year on his way to a whopping 100 lb. weight loss!


What was the biggest epiphany for Drew Carey? He said that one day he just woke up and realized that if he didn’t change his eating and lifestyle habits he was not going to be around for his nine-year-old son Connor’s high school graduation, wedding, and other major life events. Drew Carey said that he literally talked himself out of eating junk food and making poor choices with his health.

Drew stated

“I told myself every single day for an entire year, is eating this junk food and having that sweet taste on my tongue for 5 minutes more important than my goals, seeing my family healthy and seeing my amazing nine-year-old son’s development and major life accomplishments?”


When you put it like that –  it makes eating bad food and having poor lifestyle choices a terrible decision and its much easier staying away from that piece of cheesecake, and those cookies in the cupboard!

Drew is now over 50 years old and stated that years of an unhealthy lifestyle have caused him to have type 2 diabetes issues, blood pressure issues, and also low energy levels. 2015 was the year he was going to make a permanent change to his life.

In late 2014 Drew realized that if he did not make an immediate change he could be a heart attack away from never seeing his family again – and this was all the motivation he needed to change.

First things first – Drew had to figure out a way to kick his sugar and sweet tooth addiction. Drew offered up three pieces of advice which helped him make the right eating decision most of the time for the last year.


Drew Carey’s 3 sugar addiction tips:Before and after diet plan

  1. Keep it far out of sight!

Drew Carey made the mistake in the past of thinking that he could stay away from sugar even if it was in his house – but knowing that you have that piece of chocolate cake or candy bar within a reach is pure torture.

Drew made a very simple rule during his dramatic weight loss – no sugar was allowed in his house!

  1. Stay motivated through videos and books

Drew found himself extremely motivated during his entire weight loss transformation. Drew would keep himself busy reading inspirational books, videos, and stories of how other people lost weight. This kept his mind focused on success instead of craving bad foods.

  1. Everything in moderation


Drew made the decision that he wasn’t going to have the mindset “im not going to eat one unhealthy thing for the rest of my life” – but rather have the mindset I’m going to make the right eating choice 95 percent of the time.

One of Drew’s favorite quotes was “seek progress, not perfection” during his weight loss journey. Anytime you have an extreme mindset you put yourself at risk for disaster.


Drew Carey Diet Plan

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Drew followed a Mediterranean inspired diet during his weight loss transformation as that suited his taste buds and lifestyle the best. This was recommended to him by a close Doctor friend and Drew admits it was the perfect balance of energy, deliciousness and food that helped him lose weight.

Although we were unable to get our hands on the exact diet plan that Drew Carey followed – here were the staples of his diet.

Salmon, olive oil, lentils, black beans, mixed nuts, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, brown rice, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal, organic fruit, wild caught fish, boneless skinless chicken breast, fat free turkey, fresh veggies, lots of organic greens – these were the staple foods of Drew Carey’s weight loss diet plan.


Now – Alongside of this healthy diet plan Drew incorporated three additional things into his daily regimen that supercharged his metabolism and allowed him to really speed up his weight loss.

  1. All natural metabolism booster

Drew Carey took a powerful all natural metabolism booster that helped him burn a few extra calories each day and gave him the energy boost to hit the gym 4 times per week on his way to a dramatic weight loss.

  1. Cinnamon Daily

Cinnamon is a known blood sugar lowering spice, and Drew struggled with Type 2 diabetes for the last decade. Drew took cinnamon capsules and also sprinkled it onto many of his meals to further lower his blood sugar.

  1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar is another powerful product to lower blood sugar levels – especially after a large meal.

Anytime Drew would eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner he would follow the meal with 2 shots of organic apple cider vinegar to lower his blood sugar levels.


We all know that diet and exercise is the winning formula to any dramatic weight loss – so what did Drew Carey do in the gym to further speed up his progress? Let’s take a look!


Drew Carey Workout Plan

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Drew Carey Workout

Drew would hit the gym four times per week with his trainer and the focal point of the workouts would be resistance training.

Drew’s trainer explained that resistance training is the most effective form of exercise to lower blood sugar levels and burn body fat. This strategy is much more effective than regular cardio, especially for the blood sugar impact!

Drew would split up his workouts into two different “weight loss circuits” – so let’s dive in and take a look at the workouts that helped him burn off 100 lbs. in 12 months.


Monday and Wednesday: Weight Loss Circuit #1

Drew would perform 3 total sets of the following exercises with only 60 seconds rest. This allowed him to enter the fat burning zone during this workout while also sculpting his body and toning his muscles. This was a full body regimen that was designed to obliterate body fat all over.

  • Exercise One: Incline Bodyweight Push Ups(chest)
  • Exercise Two: Pillar holds (Abs)
  • Exercise Three: Smith Machine Bench press
  • Exercise Four: Barbell incline bench press(chest)
  • Exercise Five: Db Walking Lunges
  • Exercise Six: Weighted Abdominal machine(abs)
  • Exercise Seven: Leg Press Machine


Thursday and Saturday: Weight Loss Circuit #2


The weight loss circuit #2 was geared towards lower body and core exercises. Drew did not care too bulk up and gain muscles in his upper body like a macho man – but wanted to lose a lot of body fat and the quickest way to do so according to his trainer is leg exercises and resistance training abdominal exercises. This helped to burn fat all over, and the weighted abdominal work really helped to trim his waistline.

  • Exercise One: Barbell front Squat (up to four sets per workout)
  • Exercise two: DB walking lunges (30 full seconds time under tension)
  • Exercise three: Db Step Ups
  • Exercise Four: Kettle Bell Russian Twist abdominals
  • Exercise Five: Leg extension (single leg at a time, aka iso-lateral)
  • Exercise Six: Db crunches
  • Exercise Seven: Weighted Abdominal Plank Holds
  • Exercise Eight: Barbell Squats (up to four sets per workout)