Chaz Bono Weight Loss: Cher’s Son Continues To Look Incredibly Fit

Chaz Bono has opened up about his impressive 85lb weight loss in a recent interview, admitting that he feels “happier and healthier” than ever. The son of Sonny and Cher – who looked suave in a slim-fitting suit as he showed off the results of his hard work last weekend – revealed to Extra TV that he has cut out 99 per cent of grains and dairy from his diet. “I pretty much eat vegetables, meat, fruits, nuts…” he confessed.

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Chaz Bono's weight loss


“My birthday is the one day of the year I’ll do cake.” The transgender 44-year-old once tipped the scaled at 250lbs, but since his embarking on his weight loss scheme, weighs a much lighter 165lbs. Chaz also revealed that it “wasn’t fun” going under the knife to remove his excess skin, however added that it was “worth it.”

Chaz Bono, Weight Loss

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“I was kind of in denial about how heavy I was, but was ready to do something about it,” he revealed. “I was thinking my weight was holding me back from opportunities in my life, and I was worried about my health.” And when asked what his famous mother thought about his results, he added: “She’s pretty darn proud of me.” The former Dancing With The Stars contestant lost 40lbs in just four weeks during his time on the show, where he was given the help of a nutritionist, doctor and exercise plan.

Chaz Bono opened up about his recent weight loss

Chaz Bono Talks 75-Pound Weight Loss

And since then the weight has been dropping off gradually, and summing up the process he said: “I feel really good. I feel healthier, I feel lighter. I feel more confident, and I feel happy.” Meanwhile, mother Cher recently confessed she ‘had a hard time’ coming to terms with Chaz’s sex change. She told Sunday Times Magazine: “I didn’t have a hard time in the beginning when Chaz came to see me and told me, “This is what I want to do.” ’I said, “Well, if you’re miserable, then you’ve got to do it.'” The 67-year-old added: “But then as it was starting to happen, you know, it’s a strange change for a mother to go through. It was difficult, but now I don’t think about it so much.”