Breaking News: The 3 Biggest Breakups Of The Year

Taylor,Gigi, Demi

Big Hollywood names in the industry joins the latest break ups of 2016! Singer Taylor Swift has reportedly split up with Calvin Harris. In other related news, one of Taylor’s BFF, Gigi Hadid were also reported to have broken up with Zayn Malik. And last but not the least, singer Demi Lovato ends relationship with Wilmer Valderrama.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris just recently decided to be on their separate ways, the couple is still mum about the reasons (not that they have to tell the public), but some sources say that Taylor wanted marriage and Calvin just wasn’t ready for any serious and life-long commitments. Taylor and Calvin have been together for almost 15 months.

Rumours about the reasons are everywhere over the web, but the couple seems to be on good terms. In fact, Calvin recently tweeted this then Taylor retweeted it right after.

Taylor Calvin Tweet


One of Taylor’s BFF, Gigi Hadid was reportedly to have broken up with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. The News is still unclear, whether it is true or not and on that note, we’re still on the lookout.

Gigi recently posted this picture on Snapchat, so it seems like they are still in good terms and may or may not have broken up.



In another heartbreaking news, Demi Lovato and longtime boyfriend of 6 years, Wilmer Valderrama just called it quits. The reason is also still unclear, but Demi made sure to give some light to the public, especially to her fans by posting this on Instagram.



Sigh. It’s a heartbreaking week.