Adam Richman Weight Loss: How ‘Man Finds Food’ Star Lost 70 Pounds

Adam Richman, star of Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food”, shed a whopping 70 pounds last year, causing many to speculate if the competitive eating star had gone to extreme lengths to rid himself of the excess poundage. Richman responded to critics saying that his weight loss was the result of 10-months of hard work, exercising and healthy eating, and acknowledged that he had long struggled with body image issues.

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Adam Richman weight loss

But earlier this week, several media outlets reported that the man who once ate buckets of ice cream and chicken wings by the pound, had gone vegan to get in better shape to play soccer. It turns out, Richman periodically enjoys vegan meals—like many health-conscious diners—but hasn’t eschewed dairy and meat entirely. “I honestly have begun to feel bad for those buying in to the tabloid rumors suggesting I’m anything but an omnivore. It’s ridiculous already,” Richman tweeted last Friday morning.

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Now the 40-year-old has shed a staggering 30kg in a big to be healthy and end the ridicule from his friends. Showing off his new slimline physique, the avid Tottenham Hotspur fan was all viewers could talk about during charity football game Soccer Aid. The match saw celebrities and former legends of the game come together for a match at Old Trafford to raise funds for Unicef. After losing almost five stone – which is the same weight as a sack of potatoes, two boxes of floor tiles or a domestic goat – he deserves a bit of attention for his hard work.

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Officially retiring from competitive eating in 2012 to focus on his health, Richman not only lost all the weight he gained on Man V. Food, he shredded another 10 pounds on top of that! The food expert and soccer enthusiast adopted the same training regimen and vegan diet as professional soccer players and lost 70 pounds in only 10 months. Finally satisfied with his weight and admitting he now has more room on airplanes, Richman is back on the soccer field and in front of the camera with more energy than ever before.