Actress Alyssa Milano: Why Low-carb Is The Only Diet That Works For Me

Alyssa Milano is one of those mummies who looks yummy even after having two babies. She is flaunting her weight loss these days and enjoying her happy weight. She recently shared the things that helped her lose all the baby weight she has gained due to her two kids, son Milo and daughter Elizabella.

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Alyssa Milano 46 Pound Weight Loss

Before and After Pregnancy

The diva admits to losing about 55 pounds of weight in just over 18 months. She thinks that breastfeeding helped in her weight loss journey. Alyssa took a lot of time to lose weight because she wanted to be kind to herself and be a good mom. The star has not yet achieved her pre-pregnancy weight but she calls her current weight as her happy weight. She is happy and comfortable with her body. Milano admits that she took assistance in losing the last 20 pounds of those 55 pounds because that weight was very hard to lose.

The workout routine of the lovely lady was recently revealed by Yahoo. She tries to spin at least 4 to 5 times every week, does Zumba classes once every week and also does Pilates 3 times in a week. Alyssa thinks that going to the gym is a great way to spend time with herself. Now, she just goes to the gym to have that precious time rather than aiming for losing weight.

Alyssa Milano Great Body

Maxim Cover

The gorgeous looking Charmed (1998-2006) actress also admits that working out is bit tough for her these days because she gets tired easily due to her age. She used to get the results of her exercises quite easily when she was younger but now, she has to work harder to see the same results. The diet plan of the Mistresses (2013-Present) actress is very simple. She follows the Atkins diet. Alyssa first started off her weight loss journey by cutting out sugar and carbs, then switched to Atkins diet. She admits that she has some good carbs as a part of the Atkins diet and people mistakenly believe that Atkins diet allows no carb consumption.

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