Usain Bolt Diet and Workout Secrets to Become Shredded and the World’s Fastest Man!

Usain Bolt needs absolutely ZERO introduction. He is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and recently won his 3rd straight Gold Medal in the 100 meter and 200 M. He holds numerous world records – and is one of the most endorsed athletes in the world.

Usain Bolt

Did we mention the guy is absolutely shredded and maintains 6-7 percent body fat year round? Usain Bolt works hard on his diet and nutrition and has a very structured plan of attack. This article is going to dive into his off season training and nutrition plan.


If you are a guy looking to build muscle mass, burn fat, and improve your athletic ability this article will be a gold mine of information from one of the greatest athletes of all time. Let’s get into it!


Usain Bolt Diet Tips


Before we get into the actual diet plan that Usain Bolt follows here are some powerful diet tips that have helped him improve his athletic performance and most importantly build muscle mass and burn fat.

Usain Bolt Gold Metals

  1. Fruit for Energy


Instead of relying on sugary energy drinks and empty calories to power him through the intense training sessions – Usain relies on 5 types of fruit that are all loaded with muscle building fuel. Here is the fruit that he likes to enjoy on a regular basis with the specific benefit listed.

Bananas: Banana is loaded with potassium, fiber and electrolytes that fuel his workout intensity and helps recovery

Watermelon: Watermelon is really high in something called L-Citrulline which helps you boost your blood flow and nutrient delivery to hard working muscles.

Pineapple: Pineapple is loaded with something called Bromelain – which helps you increase your protein digestion and has been used by pro bodybuilders for years with their post workout meal.

Grapes: Grapes are a source of simple sugars, and are loaded with vitamin C which is perfect following an intense workout.

Blueberries: These are loaded with antioxidants and are high in fiber. When Usain is trying to get really ripped and lose body fat he will incorporate these into his regimen.


  1. Testosterone = Fast Results

Usain Bolt Diet

Usain hired a nutrition expert to ensure that his body would produce the maximum amount of anabolic hormones – and we all know the holy grail of the muscle building hormones is Testosterone.

The first thing Usain does is take the worlds most powerful all natural testosterone booster. Obviously Usain is tested throughout the year and during the Olympics – so he needs to take something that is really strong and doesn’t pose a risk for a suspension.

His trainer recommended him a powerful all natural blend of herbs that jack up his natural T levels and help him build muscle, increase energy, and burn body fat.


A few diet tricks that Usain follows to improve his testosterone is including more high-quality forms of protein that are high in cholesterol. Your body needs cholesterol to secrete more testosterone, so a few of his staple foods are whole eggs, pork, chicken breast, turkey breast and believe it or not Bacon!

Another trick is Usain will snack on celery often as celery as androgenic properties that help your body increase its testosterone production.


  1. Carb Up = Better Workout Intensity


A lot of guys make the mistake of eliminating carbohydrates from their diet – But Usain’s trainer said that carbs are the X factor to maximizing your workout intensity. The more intense your workouts are the more muscle mass you can build and the more fat you will obliterate.


Usain book-ends his weight room and sprinting workouts with high quality carbohydrates that include brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, lentils, red skin potatoes, and black beans.


These forms of carbohydrates are all loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help him take his workouts to a superhuman level. If your goal is getting ripped make sure you don’t shy away from the carbohydrates!


Usain Bolt Workout

Here is a sample of Usain Bolt’s diet plan on a workout day In preparation for the Olympics



1 Cup Liquid Egg whites, 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 slices pan fried bacon in Coconut Oil

1 Large Bowl whole grain oatmeal topped with blueberries and banana

2 All natural testosterone-boosting pills



Large apple with almond butter and flax seeds

2 all natural testosterone-boosting pills



1.5 Cups Quinoa with sliced almonds

6 ounces grilled turkey breast with fresh squeezed lemon and cayenne pepper on top


Afternoon Snack:

Whey protein shake

Large handful of raw almonds



Post Workout Meal:

1 Cup sweet potatoes, 1 cup grapes, 6 ounces grilled chicken breast, 1 cup pan seared spinach




6 Ounces pork Chops, 1 Cup red skin potatoes, 4 ounces pan fried carrots



Usain Bolt Workout Plan


Usain Bolt follows a super intense workout plan. After all – you don’t get the nickname the “Human Cheetah” and become the worlds fastest man in history without some insane training!

Here are a few main points the average guy looking to get ripped can learn from the Usain Bolt training plan.

  1. Lower Body Training = Ripped

The number 1 take-away that you need to learn from the Usain Bolt workout plan is that lower body training is going to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to building lean muscle mass and burning fat.

The reason Is quite simple – your lower body muscle groups are 3 of the 5 largest muscle groups in the human body. When you train large muscle groups at maximum intensity its going to give you the most powerful results.

One of the biggest things that will jack up your testosterone levels is training a large muscle group at maximum overload – such as doing heavy barbell squats, Db. walking lunges, or barbell deadlifts.

These exercises place an incredible amount of overload on your lower body muscle groups – and should be performed regularly by any guy looking to get ripped.


  1. HIIT = Ripped


Usain Bolt is a sprinter – and it has been scientifically proven that sprinting is the number 1 form of cardio for maximizing your muscle building and fat loss hormones as well as your metabolism.

Sprints are the most powerful form of HIIT training – and the more you can incorporate sprints into your training routine the faster results you will have.


Think about how many things Usain is doing to drastically change his anabolic hormones. He’s working out his lower body at maximum intensity, performing sprints several times per week, and also taking a powerful all natural testosterone booster. Most guys don’t do any of the 3 – so its no surprise that paired with his incredible genetics he has got the results that he has.


  1. Core Overload


Usain Bolt is known for having a shredded six pack – and he trains all components of his core regularly. Your core actually consists of your lower abs, middle abs, upper abs, oblique’s and lower back muscles.

If you want to prevent injury and have a great set of six pack abs you need to make sure you are training every section of your abdominals.


Let’s have a peak at his workout routine. Although we were unable to get our hands on his exact workout routine – his trainer shared a few tips on how he gets so shredded and how he structures his workout.



Part 1: Stretching and Flexibility


The first part of Usain’s workout is all about stretching and flexibility. Usain will jog and perform stretches on the ground for about 10 minutes.


He will perform a lying hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, gluteus stretch, and several upper body and lower back stretches to prepare him for the workout.


Part 2: Lower Body Resistance Training


There are a few lower body resistance training exercises that are a staple in Usain’s routine. Usain won’t ever train super heavy – but will stick in the 6-8 rep range. With that being said, Usain can squat well over 300 lbs. for 8 total repetitions, and has a very impressive stiff leg dead lift.


Here are 5 of the lower body exercises he performs regularly:


  1. Barbell squat
  2. Stiff leg deadlift
  3. Leg press machine
  4. Leg extension machine
  5. Hamstring prone curl machine


Usain will typically perform about 5 total sets in the 6-8 rep range with about 90 seconds rest between sets.


Part 3: HIIT and Sprint Training


Since Usain is a world class sprinter – he obviously incorporates this into his training. On top of running sprints until failure, He will perform different types of resistance sprints using a speed sled and resistance parachute.

Usain’s trainer highly suggests that if you are looking to shed body fat you pick up a speed parachute.

Sprints by themselves burn an incredible amount of body fat, and when you incorporate forms of natural resistance like a speed parachute – you take your fat burning to a whole new level.


So there you have it guys! You now have the “get ripped blueprint” from one of the greatest athletes in world history. Try it out and let me know what you think!