Melissa Mccarthy rose to fame for being overweight and hilarious in a similar fashion asZach Galifinakis a few years back. Since Melissa has become a bona fide movie star –  the 44-year-old actress has wanted to change her health.

While Melissa is loved by millions of fans as the overweight and hilarious actress – she has always known her weight was unhealthy and she had to make a change.

Since the start of 2015 Melissa has made some very positive changes in the health department – and the scales have reflected her hard work!

Melissa Mccarthy has lost an incredible 50 lbs. thus far in 2015 – and she isn’t’ done yet!

Melissa’s Garcinia Diet

What is Melissa’s weight loss secret? We had a chat with her celebrity diet coach and she has recently revamped her diet, but that doesn’t mean she is starving herself! In fact – Melissa has been eating like crazy and still enjoying incredible weight loss results. How is this possible?


Let’s first take a look at 5 Rules Melissa has followed that allowed her to lose an incredible amount of weight in less than a year. Anyone looking to lose 50 plus pounds can learn a ton from this.


Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss Blueprint – 5 Rules to Follow


  1. Fiber First


Instead of counting calories and being obsessed with eliminating carbohydrates, Ms. McCarthy’s diet coach instilled a different mindset. He said that too many people are obsessed with the concept of starving themselves and always telling themselves what they “can’t have.”

Instead of this mindset always tells yourself to feed your body with high fiber foods. This changes the weight loss ball game completely! Melissa has been snacking on fruits, veggies, nuts, nut butters, and whole grains constantly throughout the year.

Although these foods contain carbohydrates, they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help boost her metabolism and keep her full without empty calories.


  1. Low Insulin for 12 Straight Hours per Day


There may be some truth to low carb dieting after all – but it doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate carbohydrates for the entire day. Melissa made sure that she kept her insulin levels low for 12 straight hours every single day so she could lose weight quickly.


Low insulin levels = faster fat loss because your body enters “ketosis” and taps into your body fat for energy. This is the goal when you are trying to lose weight rapidly.


Since Melissa sleeps 7 hours per night, all she had to do was consume a diet of high protein for the last 5 hours before bedtime to keep her insulin levels low for 12 straight hours.

This is the magic recipe for weight loss!