Zach Galifianakis Workout Plan

It is no secret that the Hangover Funny man has never been a workout junkie – so stepping up his workout routine in an effort so speed up weight loss was initially a struggle for Zach Galifianakis.

So what did Zach do to speed up his weight loss and lose nearly 50 lbs of weight in a 6 month span?
Zach 1st made sure to consume better foods to increase his energy levels and overall health. This meant he cut out a lot of his favorite sweet treats and pizza and swapped it for fresh fish, egg whites, delicious fruits and veggies and lots of green tea!workout plan
Another big change was that Zach consumed a powerful all natural metabolism and fat blaster by the name of Garcinia Cambogia every day after breakfast. This gave him a huge surplus of energy and allowed him to do his workouts at maximum intensity.
Zach got some help from a top Hollywood trainer and he devised a workout strategy that would be conducive to Zach’s lifestyle and lack of a strong fitness foundation.
Since Zach didn’t have much experience with fitness and weight training it was up to his trainer to come up with a unique workout plan that would allow him to lose the maximum amount of weight without injuring him or fatiguing him to the point that he could not focus on his acting work.
Since Zach was always busy with acting projects and traveling he needed a workout plan that would be ideal for someone traveling and on the road.
We were able to snatch up the workout plan that Zach followed for approximately 6 months which helped him lose close to 50 lbs of fat! What was the magic secret? Lots of cardio of course – but the key was that he was ALWAYS doing different forms of cardio to keep things fresh and interesting.

Check Out Zach’s Diet Plan Here!


Zach would always start off his Mondays with 30 Minutes on the elliptical machine at moderate intensity. The elliptical cardio machine involved his entire body and Zach would often watch TV or listen to an audio book so he could keep his mind busy at the same time and distract him from the pain of the cardio!

Tuesday:workout plan

Tuesdays were another 30-minute cardio session for Zach, but he would typically just perform a low intensity incline treadmill workout. This workout consisted of Zach putting the treadmill at an incline between 10.0-15.0 and he would walk at a pace of about 4 Mph.
This is an incredible fat burning workout – and the incline of the treadmill forces you to work out muscles in your legs that typically aren’t trained during standard cardio sessions.


Wednesday was usually a day for Zach to get caught up on work and focus on his acting projects so he would typically take the entire day off. He made sure on days when he took off he ate very healthy and tried to keep his carbohydrates as low as possible.


Thursday was Zach’s favorite workout day of the week as he often rode his bike outside – weather permitting. If he were on the road he would go to the gym and use the Bike machine for 30 minutes.
This helped Zach feel like a kid again! Zach said that riding a bike was his favorite form of cardio during his weight loss transformation because it reminded him of his childhood.
Remember that cardio can often times be fun and if you are trying to lose weight quickly its more important to find activities you truly enjoy than to torture yourself. This will help you stay on track and not fall off the wagon!


On Fridays Zach made sure that he incorporated more cardio into his routine – and would try to go for a 20-minute jog outside in the morning. Another thing Zach did on Fridays is he would do a 15-minute abdominal workout.
He said that if he worked out his abs before the weekend he would be less likely to indulge in beer and cheesecake! When his ab muscles were sore over the weekend he would constantly be reminded of all the hard work he was putting in and that his cravings weren’t worth falling off the wagon and going back to his old eating habits.


During the weekends Zach did not follow a workout plan but would instead make sure that he was outside staying active as much as possible.
He would often times ride his bike for long periods of time and just enjoy nature – and on other days he would play tennis outside with his friends. Believe it or not Zach is a huge fan of playing tennis and said that it is so much fun that he does not even think of it as exercise.
Zach said that the biggest piece of advice he could give to anyone who is overweight and wanting to lose weight is this: “The best form of exercise is the one that you enjoy the most.” Don’t fall victim to reading articles about the latest science and what type of workouts burn the most fat, just stay active doing the things you truly enjoy!



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