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Jayde shares, since the age of four, she has been a vegan. Being vegan has certainly helped her keep a load of calories off of her body. Her immaculate skin and body reflect the healthy and nutrient dense diet she consumes. She admits that before eating foods, she mulls over their good or bad effects on her body, skin, and hair. You can certainly enhance your youthful age if you turn a watchful eye towards the foods you consume.

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Over a period of time She visited trainers, dietitians and doctors; reads hundreds of books and studies; and eventually became a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist herself. She launched a fitness website JaydeNicole.com, that creates customized workout and nutrition plans for each client. Also there is a feature on the site called the “Locker Room”, where clients can get the support from other members and from me. This helps the clients to stay on track and inspired! Her workout routine includes many trainings. She likes to switch it up. She hikes twice a week, does spin class, JNF DVD twice a week, hot yoga, and a bootcamp class.

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Her most usable diet tips are:” Stop drinking soda and juices and stick to just water and green tea; manage your portions, people tend to over eat at every meal; if you dont know, google it! We are blessed with having so much knowledge at our fingertips. If you dont know if a certain food is good or bad, just search it and read its nutritional facts.”

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“I am a vegetartian so my diet consists of lots of vegetables (salads, stir friys, snacks), tofu, whole grains (brown rice, oatmeals, whole grain breads) and fruit.” “I don’t believe in cheat meals but I do believe in having a treat. I usually have a scoop of nutella or peanut butter once a day. I love my sweets, so this is how I keep it in check!”- says Jayde .

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“I always tell people to write down their feelings when they are at their most motivated and keep it where they can always see it! Also getting a diet/exercise partner will always help your chances of success. And lastly setting reasonable specific goals for yourself and celebrating each time to reach one. Success is addicting. The more you know you are being successful in your program the happier and more eager you will be to keep going!”

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