Hilary Duff Post Divorce Weight Loss-Wow

Hilary Duff was recently divorced from her NHL star hubby (Mike Comrie) – but don’t feel bad for her just yet! If you have seen pictures of Hilary recently you know that she is looking sexier and more toned than ever before. Hilary revamped her diet and lost an incredible 25 lbs. of pure fat – mostly from her belly area and thighs. What are Hilary Duff’s secrets for such a flat stomach?

We recently sat down with Hilary’s private nutrition coach (Yes – she hired a private coach to teach her all about nutrition and set up a daily weight loss checklist!) and he shared all of the principles of the Hilary Duff “flat abs” diet.Hilary Duff Diet Plan


The first thing her nutrition coach said was that she established a daily checklist of things she had to do to lose belly fat quickly. Instead of having the mindset of eliminating many things from her life like most dieters do – this check list was incredible because it allowed her to have the mindset of “adding things” to lose weight.


What was this incredible weight loss daily check list? Let’s dive in and take a look.


Hilary Duff Flat Abs Daily Diet Check List:


  1. Matcha Green Tea x 2


The first thing that Hilary made sure to incorporate into her diet was 2 cups of matcha green tea per day. Boosting your metabolism is one of the most important aspects to incredible weight loss – and Matcha green tea has a special antioxidant called EGCG that can target belly fat and turn you into a weight loss machine.


This meant that every single day Hilary was able to burn up to an extra 300 calories from the green tea alone.


  1. Natural Metabolism booster in the AM


First thing in the morning after breakfast – Hilary would take an all natural metabolism booster designed to sky rocket her energy levels, curb her appetite, and spike her metabolism.


Hilary’s diet coach told her about this powerful all natural metabolism booster and told her that many other female celebrities were taking it to shed unwanted belly fat.


Since this pill was all natural there were zero side effects – and Hilary was able to spike her metabolism for up to 8 hours daily after taking this pill. This in addition with everything else on the diet check-list made losing belly fat effortless.


  1. Fiber Up in the morning


One of the most important aspects to Ms. Duff’s weight loss routine was filling up with fiber first thing in the morning.


If you spike your blood sugar first when waking up you are setting up for disaster, explains her trainer. This will cause a big spike and crash in your blood sugar, and you will end up craving more sugary snacks a few hours later.

This is a vicious cycle that gets a lot of people in trouble and is the number 1 reason type 2 diabetes is such a major disease in the United States.

Hillary would make sure that she ingested at least 15 grams of fiber first thing in the morning for breakfast.


This meant she usually filled up on a big bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and hemp seeds, or a fiber packed smoothie with organic berries and chia seeds. Both of these options gave her a whopping 15 grams of fiber and made losing weight effortless.


Between staying full for a long period of time with the fiber filled breakfast, and the metabolism boosting pills and green tea to speed up her metabolism around the clock, its no wonder Hilary looks sexier and slimmer than ever.


  1. Night Time Diet


Hilary figured out that the time of the day she made the poorest diet choices was 6 Pm to 10 PM at night.


She knew if she wanted to make a major change she had to change her eating habits, so this meant that she would enjoy a large greens salad and at least 1 cup of steamed veggies every single night between 6 and 10 Pm.

All of the fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants from the veggies and greens meant that she was too full to eat much of anything else – and that was precisely the point!


This regimen also helped to increase her energy levels and resulted in more frequent workouts. This was the perfect night time regimen which allowed Hilary to wake up feeling energized and ready to workout!


  1. Afternoon Metabolism Booster


Hilary had a nice little regimen for burning fat in the morning and night – so your probably thinking just what did she do for lunch?

Believe it or not Hilary would eat the majority of her carbohydrates for lunch – and she would follow up this lunch with an insulin desensitizing drink that lowered the blood sugar impact of the carbs she just ate.

Hilary would also eat her lunch after working out – so her body was more susceptible to carbohydrates and used them to help her recover from the workout.

Her afternoon carbohydrate choices usually consisted of whole grain bread, jasmine rice, or baked French fries. Yes – you can still look amazing and eat French fries if you know what your doing!


After this high carbohydrate meal Hilary would drink a special warm drink comprised of 1 tbsp. organic apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp honey, lemon, and 8 ounces’ water. This drink helped her digest the carbohydrates, lower her blood sugar, and also increased her energy levels throughout the typical “afternoon slump” time.


These are the 5 principles that Hilary followed to lose weight effortlessly. She didn’t count calories and she didn’t follow a rigid meal plan. All she did was go down her check list daily and implement a few metabolism boosting hacks to lose that belly fat quick!



Hilary Duff Weight Loss Workout Plan


Hilary Duff refused to follow a strict and rigid weight loss meal plan, and instead opted to follow a weight loss check-list. Think her workout plan was any different? Absolutely not!


Hilary Duff is quite the weight loss pioneer as most of her celebrity friends got on a rigid meal plan and workout program to lose the amount of weight that Hilary did.

Hilary is all about moderation, and her trainer set up a very precise check-list that she was forced to follow for the entire week. The beauty of this “workout checklist” was that she could knock these out any day of the week. There were no rules of this workout check-list.workout

If she was feeling especially inspired she would go through these exercises and knock out 30 percent of them in 1 late morning workout.


Although Hilary did not follow a strict workout plan she would typically workout 3-4 times per week – and maintains this schedule to this day.


She would enjoy these workouts about 1 hour after taking her metabolism boosting pill. This meant that she would typically workout around 10 or 11 AM when her energy levels were at their peak from the pills.

Hilary Duff Workout Plan Check-List (Follow this to lose weight and melt away belly fat)


  1. Lower Body Resistance Training Exercises


Hilary’s trainer explained that lower body resistance training exercises are the key to speedy weight loss because they will help to speed up your metabolism post workout.


Each week Hilary’s trainer made sure she crossed off 5 sets of the following exercises:


  1. Barbell squat
  2. Barbell lunges
  3. Db Lunges
  4. Db Step Ups
  5. Leg Extension
  6. Prone hamstring curl
  7. Hamstring Swiss Ball curl


  1. Abdominal Training Exercises


Hilary wanted more than anything a really flat stomach – so her trainer had per perform an array of abdominal slimming exercises. She was forced to cross off 4 sets of the following exercises each week.


  1. Bicycle crunch
  2. Weighted horizontal crunch
  3. Weighted plank holds
  4. Russian twists
  5. Frog crunches
  6. Iso lateral leg raises
  7. Reverse hyperextension


  1. Weight Loss Cardio


Hilary did not mind going to the gym and doing standard types of cardio workouts – so her trainer had her doing about 20 minutes each week of the following cardio based exercises. This helped her burn about an extra 1,000 calories per week.


  1. Stair Master
  2. Slow incline walk
  3. Incline Jogging on moderate speed
  4. Row Machine



And believe it or not that was it! The Hilary Duff flat abs secret is nothing more than a powerful all natural metabolism boosting pill to curb her appetite, stimulate her metabolism, and increase her energy levels paired with a strategic weight loss check list and exercise check list she completed daily. Who says you have to follow a rigid plan to lose weight quickly?