Heather Dubrow Height and Weight Stats

There is much to see on screen of this beautiful socialite known as an actress famous for the past seven seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County as well as her incredible real life as a wife and mother and contributor to the life of Southern California.

More than just an exquisite face and figure seen on television since 1994, Heather Dubrow has worked with her husband Terry to build Consult Beaute to improve natural skincare for the world, despite his history as a plastic surgeon.



Married since 1999, born Heather Paige Kent in the Bronx, this incredible woman has been able to maintain her beauty as both a wife and mother in addition to her life as an actress. You can also see Heather Dubrow’s own personal story online, with more than just the construction of her empire as actress and businesswoman but her work with local charities including Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County and Miracles for Kids alongside her loving husband and four children.

Despite her life as actress Heather Paige Kent, joining The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2012 led her to officially take on her husband, Terry Dubrow’s, last name and present her appearance as more of the family gal than elite actress and socialite.

Interesting Facts

Other Works: Starred in the CBS sitcom pilot “Carly,” which did not make it to the 1998-99 fall schedule. All the way back to 1994 with characters in TV sitcoms under her maiden name Heather Kent.

Alternate Names: Heather Paige Kent

Height: 5′ 7½” (1.71 m)

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Weight: Never given to the news, but plenty of bikini pics of her healthy body on vacation with the family!



Bra Size: Despite admitting small breasts within marriage to a famous plastic surgeon, Heather states to several interviews her reluctance to take on the cliché breast implants of the Hollywood population

Alma Mater: Syracuse University

Trivia: Heather is Jewish with Ashkenazi family roots in Austria, Hungary and Poland.

Marriage: Heather and her husband Terry met on a blind date, and have over the years been interviewed to reveal the secrets of a successful marriage in various media interviews.

Beauty and Success: Voted Miss Greater Syracuse in 1989, Dubrow was later elected Miss Congeniality in the Miss New York pageant that same year.

Personal Beauty Advice: Heather Dubrow has completed incredible interviews about her simple and convenient advice to maintaining a fresh and beautiful look without the need for a professional makeup artist at all times. Just a few key points to touch up the eyes and lips and let her skin shine through!

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