How Adele Lost So Much Weight! Her Amazing Secret Revealed!

Adele is known worldwide for her incredible voice and vocal talents – but hasn’t always been the picture of health. When her son was born she wanted to make some healthy changes.

When pictures of Adele surfaced in late 2014 showing her weight skyrocket to what some doctors and health experts would call “Obesity level” – she went on a drastic lifestyle change that meant only buying the best groceries and dining at the healthiest restaurants regardless of where she was in the world.

How Did Adele Lose So Much Weight?

  • Removed all sugar from her diet
  • Exercised 3 times a week
  • Took Garcinia Cambogia metabolism boosters
  • Lower body resistance workouts


Adele traveled the world for much of 2015 on her concert tour – and was still able to drop close to 30 lbs. and had some really interesting dieting tips for her fans.


Adele said that the real key to her losing weight and being healthier was not obsessing over it – and letting things happen naturally. She was stated as saying that taking things one day at a time and just focusing on the present moment is the best advice she can give someone.

You are not going to lose 100 lbs. overnight – but you can certainly change your build and dramatically lose weight in just a few months with consistency and the right attitude.


The Queen of Vocals admits that she has no desire to have a perfect body – and her real motivation was to live a healthy and long life for her family and son. Another positive change she made? She quit smoking! She said that switching her eating habits and exercising more often gave her the will power to stop the ugly habit of smoking 25 cigarettes a day.

What other positive changes did Adele make for her dramatic weight change? If you have seen the recent magazine covers and saw Adele proudly showing off her new body – you know she looks sexier and more confident than ever!

We caught up with her trainer and he revealed the top 5 changes Adele has made over the last year to look and feel better than ever.


Believe it or not Adele did not follow a structured meal plan or even count calories! She just followed a set of rules given to her by her world class trainer that made losing weight, getting healthy, and toning her body effortless. [See our full list of celeb diets here)


She also got the help of a powerful all natural metabolism booster. What is the Adele dieting blue print? Let’s dive in and take a peek!


Adele’s weight loss Blueprint:before and after


Part 1: No more stimulant based fat burners and double espressos!


Pounding caffeine and stimulant based fat burners is a short term solution – but Adele wanted something more long term that was sustainable.


Her trainer made her get off the stimulant based fat burners and switch to an all natural weight loss pill that was designed to spark her metabolism and increase her energy. Adele said that she loved taking an all natural pill for weight loss and the extra energy was a huge boost to her success.


Part 2: Load up on the Rainbow Diet Foods.


The rainbow diet is what Adele’s trainer calls “The healthiest diet in the world” because you are eating a plethora of colored foods. This means you are getting in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients throughout the day.

Adele would consume a lot of blueberries, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, pineapple, watermelon, and even grapes on her new diet.

Adele said that all of the fiber and nutrients from the fruit kept her full all day long and she no longer craved a lot of the sugary treats she used too.


Part 3: When in doubt eat almonds and drink water!


A little trick that curbs your appetite is consuming almonds and water whenever you are hungry. Instead of binging on a calorie dense meal when you are hungry you have to trick yourself and fill your belly up with water, fiber, and healthy fats to blunt your hunger.

This is precisely what Adele did, and she admitted it was her favorite weight loss trick because it made her so full instantly. Next time you are craving a piece of chocolate cake load up on the almonds and water first!


Part 4: Find Healthy alternatives!


Adele admits she has a sweet tooth – and the only way to stop its ugly head from peeking out of the weight gain window is to trick it! Adele said that she stumbled upon a nutrition cookie called “Lenny and Larry’s” and enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie that was higher in protein and much lower in sugar whenever her sweet tooth kicked in.

Adele also started munching on Quest White Chocolate raspberry bars, which contained only 1 gram of sugar and only 4 net carbohydrates. Combined these two decadent snacks gave her a ton of healthy savory eats!


Part 5: Lower body resistance training.


Her trainer had her on an awesome 4 days per week regimen that worked all of her lower body muscle groups and turned her into a calorie burning machine after her workout.

She would perform her lower body resistance training workouts about 1 hour after taking her metabolism boosting pill when her energy levels were at their peak.

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Adele’s Workout Plan


Adele was on an awesome lower body resistance workout plan, and for a few of her workouts she didn’t even need to leave the comfort of her own home or tour studio!

Adele wanted a workout regimen that was adaptable to her non-stop traveling schedule and public appearance demands – so her Rock Star trainer gave her a workout regimen that she could knock out with a kettle bell, resistance tube, and her own bodyweight.

This workout regimen stressed her lower body muscles and allowed her to turn into a calorie burning machine far after the workout was finished.

Adele would typically perform her lower body resistance training workouts about 45 minutes after taking her metabolism boosting pill to help burn fat and raise her energy levels to the max.


Let’s take a look at Adele’s 4 times per week lower body workout regimen.


Kettle bell domination (Twice Per Week usually on Monday’s and Thursday’s)

Adele would perform 4 kettle bell exercises during workout number 1, designed to sculpt her legs and butt and sky rocket her metabolism far after finishing the workout.


Adele’s trainer had her perform 3 sets of each of these exercises, with about 60 Seconds rest in between. By keeping her rest times short she actually got in some cardio as well as resistance training.


Exercise 1: Kettle Bell Swings

Sets: 3

Rest: 60 Seconds 

Exercise 2: Kettle Bell dead lifts

Sets: 3

Rest: 60 Seconds

Exercise 3: Kettle Bell Goblet Squats

Sets: 3

Rest: 60 Seconds 

Exercise 4: Kettle Bell Walking Lunge

Sets: 3

Rest: 60 Seconds


Resistance Tubes and Bodyweight (Twice Per Week usually on Tuesday and Saturday)


Workout number 2 consisted solely of resistance tubes and lower body body-weight exercises. She would perform her sets during workout number 2 as “time under tension” instead of counting repetitions.

This allowed her heart rate to enter the fat burning zone and tone her lower body muscles. It also helped to sky rocket her resting metabolism following the workout. She would perform these sets at varying time under tension.

Exercise One: Resistance tubes Front Squat

Sets: 3

Time under tension: 40 Seconds

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Two: Resistance Reverse Lunges

Sets: 3

Time under tension: 40 Seconds

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Three: Resistance tubes Overhead Squat

Sets: 3

Time under tension: 30 Seconds

Rest Time: 45 seconds

Exercise Four: Wall Sits

Sets: 3

Time under tension: 75 Seconds

Rest Time: 30 Seconds