Kirstie Alley Workout Plan (50lb Weight Loss!)

Kirstie Alley rang in 2015 looking sexier and more fit than ever. She admitted to losing 50 lbs. over the course of 2014 – and now has shifted her focus on her own body to someone else’s in 2015.

Kirstie says that her dramatic weight loss has her feeling sexier than ever – and she is looking to find love in 2015-2016 with a lucky special someone!

Losing 50 lbs. over the course of a year is reason to celebrate. Kirstie acknowledged that losing weight was not easy – but once the ball started moving forward she was unstoppable!

She followed a strict diet and supplement regimen that her diet coach labeled the “weight loss energy diet.” This diet was designed to give Kirstie energy carbs, metabolism boosting protein, and healthy fats.


Exercise Plan

She also took daily weight loss pills that helped her boost her metabolism and increase her energy levels to exercise daily.

Kirstie refused to starve herself – and rather followed a workout plan that allowed her to burn calories around the clock by stimulating her metabolism.

Since Kirstie is a very busy woman she did not have long workouts but rather had very efficient workouts!

She actually worked out 6-7 days per week but kept her workouts to under 30 minutes per session.

Kirstie’s trainer said that the goal of each workout was not to see how long they could workout for – but rather how intense they could go. The greater the workout intensity – the more metabolism boosting effects follow.

This meant that along with the extra boost she was getting from her daily diet pills and diet – she was getting supercharged results from the workouts!

Kirstie said that for anyone looking to lose weight she recommends not focusing on long bouts of static and boring cardio – but rather highly intense cardio and kettle bell workouts that turn your body into a fat burning machine around the clock.

Although Kirstie’s busy trainer was unavailable for an interview – we were able to get a sneak peak at a week of Kirstie Alley weight loss workouts. Let’s dive in and take a look at what this regimen looks like.

Kirstie Alley Workout Plan-How She Melted Off The FatKirstie Alley Workout



Monday’s consisted of “cardio confusion” style workouts that involved a full body circuit. Kirstie says that changing up your routine is the most powerful workout advice she could give anyone.

These cardio confusion workouts are fun, challenging, and blast your body from head to toe.

Kirstie’s favorite 20 minute “cardio confusion workout consisted of mountain climbers, leap ups, bicycle crunches, knees on the ground pushups, and burpees.



Tuesday’s consisted of 15 minutes of incline treadmill work and 10 minutes of elliptical training. This exercise regimen was done in the gym and Kirstie says is a great cardio combination for booty and thigh sculpting. Kirstie said that the key to looking and feeling sexy as a woman is a combination of being thin and of course having those feminine curves!



Wednesday was Kirstie’s least favorite day of training as this involved the “abdominal assault” workouts. This meant that she switched off between 3 minutes of jump roping and 3 minutes of floor abdominal exercises.

Some of the floor abdominal exercises that Kirstie did for the Abdominal assault regimen were pillar holds, v crunches, flat leg crunch, vertical leg crunches, knees to elbows, mountain climbers, Russian twists and scissor kicks.



Thursday consisted of another “cardio confusion” style workout that involved a full body circuit.

These cardio confusion workouts are fun, challenging, and blast your body from head to toe.

Some of the other cardio confusion style exercises were explosive push ups, ankle tappers, burpees with squat jumps, kettle bell snatches, jumping jacks and medicine ball throws.



Friday consisted of a body weight resistance training regimen that was designed to boost her metabolism all weekend. By breaking down all of her largest muscle group’s during this regimen she could enjoy a few cheat meals over the weekend since her metabolism boost could make up for the excess calories.

This bodyweight resistance training routine consisted of:

Pushups, static hold pull ups, assisted close grip pull ups, Body Weight Rows, lower back extensions, body weight dips, spider man holds


Kirstie did not follow an exact exercise routine on the weekends and rather opted to just get outside and go hiking, bike riding, or jogging as often as she could while her body recovered from the week of workouts.

Check out Kirstie’s Diet Plan Here!

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