Tom Arnold’s Workout Plan- How He Lost Over 100 Pounds

Tom Arnold Workout Plan

Tom Arnold did not follow a typical workout routine during his weight loss transformation because he was always traveling and on the road due to this hectic schedule as a working actor and comedian. (Check Out Tom’s Diet Plan Here!)

For anyone who says that they don’t have enough time to workout – they should pay very close attention to Tom’s workout routine because he was able to lose 100 lbs while traveling the world and performing as an actor and stand up comedian.

Workouting out sucks at first, but then you start to enjoy it. It’s the diet that is the hardest part. Without Garcinia Cambogia, I never would have made it- Tom

Tom said that between having access to hotel cardio equipment and excellent body weight exercises from his trainer it was not a problem sticking to his workout plan.

Tom would only workout 4 times per week during his amazing weight loss transformation- but he made sure to clean up his diet on days that he did not workout, and he was also very conscious of never missing 2 days in a row.

With this simple yet effective approach, Tom stuck to his 4 times a week workouts regardless of how busy his schedule got. On long travel days he would sometimes skip his workouts but would make sure to workout the next morning in the hotel.

So what exactly was Tom’s workout routine like? Let’s take a look at a sample week of Tom’s workout routine when he was traveling overseas during a comedy tour.

Monday: Hotel Workout

1. Fast Pace Walking on an Incline Treadmill

Pace: 4.5 MPH Incline: 10.0 Duration: 15 Minutes

2. Body Weight Pushups Until Failure

Sets: 3 Rest Between Sets: 90 Seconds

3. Light Jog on Treadmill

Pace: 6.0 MPH  Incline: 0.0 Duration: 10 Minutes

Tuesday: Rest Day – Long filming day

Wednesday: Cardio Session on Movie Set

  1. On days when Tom would be stuck at set for long periods of time he would coordinate with the director and whenever he had a few hours of break time he would jog for 30 minutes outside weather permitting, or go back to his hotel to perform his cardio.

Thursday: Rest Day – Travel Day

Friday: Body Weight Workout

  1. Floor Abdominal Exercises for 15 Minutes (consisting of bicycle crunches, vertical leg crunch, and pillar holds)
  2. Wall Sits Until Failure. Sets: 3   Rest Time: 2 Minutes
  3. Pushups until failure Sets: 3   Rest Time: 2 Minutes

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 1-Hour Bike Ride

On Sundays weather permitting Tom would enjoy a long bike ride and take a scenic tour of the city. Since Sundays were usually a day off, this allowed Tom to get his exercise in and still explore the city.

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