Tom Arnold Talks Inspiration For His 100lb Weight Loss

Actor and comedian Tom Arnold recently had an incredible weight loss transformation. Tom was able to lose 100 lbs in exactly one year.

This is an incredible weight loss story and is one of the best celebrity transformation stories of the year.

Tom Arnold has been on the big screen for over 20 years and has appeared in over 100 movies. The recent pictures of Tom show a slim and trim 55-year-old man who is the epitome of great health.Skinny Tom Arnold

Recently on a flight Tom told a story on how someone went up to him and said that they loved his work on the hit TV Show Sons of Anarchy. The lady next to them had to take a quadruple look at Tom Arnold to even realize it was him. She was a big fan of Tom Arnold and was sitting right next to him and didn’t even know it!

Tom had lost so much weight that people who had seen him in tons of movies didn’t even recognize him. Tom looks great, but it was persistence and hard work that got him to his amazing 100 lb weight loss goal.

What was the main motivation behind his incredible transformation? Tom says that being healthy for his son and his wife was a huge catalyst to his incredible transformation.

Tom was also experiencing a number of health issues that were becoming a giant red flag at his age. Tom was having trouble sleeping and had very bad blood pressure.

Now Tom has 120/80 blood pressure instead of 180/120. The doctor was also able to take him off a number of medTom Arnold Before and Afterications including ones for sleep apnea.

Tom claims that he had “crazy pig snorts” while he slept and suffered from sleep apnea. It was so bad that Tom said he was embarrassed to travel and fly on a plane.

Pretty crazy figuring this guy is paid to act in front of a camera and live audience!

Tom needed a change and wanted to transform his life – so the amazing weight loss transformation began.


How Far He Came

A year ago at Tom’s physical he weighed in at 287 lbs and 32 percent body fat. One year later Tom weighed in at 187 lbs and JUST 11 percent body fat! This is absolutely incredible – and a testament to his dedication, diet, and workout routine.

Tom made a number of major changes to his diet. The first big thing that he did was eliminate alcohol from his diet and tried to cut back the smoking as much as possible.

Tom is on the road a lot for work so his diet was the most challenging aspect.

Tom swapped the usual hamburger and fries on the road and started opting for fresh organic salads topped with his favorite proteins.

To kill his hamburger cravings Tom would indulge in extra lean grass fed beef which has a number of excellent nutrients and helps to preserve lean muscle mass.Tom Arnold After Losing Weight

Tom also eliminated a number of his favorite desserts from his lifestyle. Tom has had a weakness for Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes throughout his life – and claims this was the toughest thing to eliminate.

Tom’s wife also helped a great deal and she was able to cook him some delicious low calorie alternatives to kill his sweet tooth and help him lose weight quickly. He quickly became a huge fan of high protein pancakes and would have them on his cheat meals with his sugar free pancake syrup.

Tom says that it’s all about getting creative and finding an alternative to that unhealthy thing you were eating. His big rule of thumb was to eliminate carbohydrates late at night so he could accelerate his weight loss.

Tom’s trainer taught him that eating carbohydrates earlier in the day mean they are less likely to be stored as body fat – so Tom would try to consume most of his carbohydrates early in the day.

At night Tom would stick with hearty and filling cuts of lean beef, chicken and fish. To keep himself full he consumed a lot of fresh vegetables and put an emphasis on high fiber foods throughout the day such as mixed nuts, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potatoes.

His Dieting Secrets

(Check Out Tom’s Complete Diet Plan Here!)

Tom stuck mostly to a cardio workout routine and body weight exercises since he was on the road for much of his transformation.

When he was home he would have his trainer come to the house and assist him with his cardio sessions and body weight training.

When Tom was on the road he would typically perform cardio at his hotel. Tom was able to maintain working out 3-4 days per week throughout the year and this was a huge catalyst to his weight loss transformation.

The only supplements that Tom took during his weight loss transformation was a quality omega 3 supplement recommended his by doctor and Garcina Cambogia – an all natural metabolism booster which also helps reduce hunger and cravings.

One of Tom’s friends took Garcinia Cambogia and it helped him increase his energy levels and lose weight – so Tom decided to give it a try.

Tom says that it helped reduce his afternoon sugar cravings and also boosted his metabolism.

Tom Arnold was able to shed weight quickly by eliminating a few killer nutrition habits, performing cardio and bodyweight exercises 3-4 times a week and finding low calorie alternatives to his favorite foods.

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