The Paleo Styled Diet for Weight Loss: Megan Fox Swears By It

As many have seen, Megan Fox has had baby number two. Shortly following, she was ready lose her baby fat. Megan credits her amazingly speedy transformation to her new dieting program; The Paleo Diet. Megan Fox Portrait

What Is The Paleo Diet System?

The Paleo Diet Plan is based on what people call the “caveman diet.” Meaning you are only supposed to eat foods that would have been available to, well, cavemen. Think hunting, gathering and planting. This effectively removes all processed foods from your diet and ensures you are only eating natural, healthy items.

 Food That Are Allowed

In interviews Megan Fox was said to swear off breads, pastas and other carbohydrates from her diet, as they do not follow the guidelines of the Paleo Diet. She replaced carbs with fruits that are vegetables that are all sourced from nature and stocked up on a lot of meats, fish and poultry for her plan.


How The Paleo Diet Works

Megan_Fox_FlowersThere is no calorie counting on the Paleo diet. User’s are encouraged to eat as much as you like. The simple fact that you stop consuming processed foods in itself will cause your body to drop weight like crazy. No more sodas, no more candy, no more  junk.

Fruits, vegetables, and meats are all filling sources of fuel and energy and these increases the chances of weight loss because they are also easily digested and processed by the body – one thing that Megan Fox has kept and instilled as a practice not just for herself but for entire family.

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