Sean Penn Talks Working Out at Age 54

It is amazing that Oscar winning actor Sean Penn is already at age 54 as he exudes what seems to be an exceptional level of health and fitness. Candid photos of the actor taken mostly on vacation at the beach are some of the visual proof of how excellent his body’s condition has turned out. But just how does Sean Penn get the results of a well built and muscular physique despite his age?Shirt off


Being in Hollywood is an endless game of having to establish a career based on the roles played and indeed Sean Penn delivers the goods through an exceptionally healthy physique. Starting in the business at a very young age and having to take on roles that required him to look at peak health has kept him sticking to healthy practices. Sean Penn lives on the healthy eating and regular exercise, a remarkable example that 50 is just a number.

 Dieting for Optimal Muscle Gain

It takes a lot of discipline and determination to get into the business of muscle gain and Sean Penn had to take on that challenge through following a strict nutritional plan. Adding on more calories to his regular diet was a great strategy to be able to gain a well buffed and toned body. One of the best tools to a well developed caloric intake is an increase of protein intake in the form of lean meats, eggs, fish and chicken.


An increase of healthy fat sources from nuts and oils are also essential to keep the metabolism going and improve muscle bulk. Well measured carbohydrate sources like wheat and other grains are also mandatory to a improving a leaner look with less body fat. Aside from the strict diet, Sean Penn also had the opportunity to turn to natural herbal supplements that added up to the effect of more body fat loss and revealed a better toned body.

 Physical Activities for Every Day


At Sean Penn’s age it is amazing to be able to see him still hitting the pavement as he has been regularly photographed while he takes his daily running route near his place of residence. The actor also dedicates time to hit the beach to enjoy the sand and the surf. Aside from running regularly, he also enjoys being on his surfboard riding the waves.

Getting to the gym and exercising are a way of life for Sean Penn and how his body looks is living proof that the man has got his health and fitness at the top of his priorities. He is known to practice a stringent form of weight training that enables him to lift weights in minimal repetitions but with heavy weights. The muscle he gains from this practice is closely formatted to the classic body building plan of lifting weights maximally at least 4 times a week.


Health and fitness is a lifestyle that Sean Penn leads and his success is very obvious with his physique that can be compared to his younger peers. He also proves that regular physical activities are not all boxed up in the gym and can be done outdoors.

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