Megan Fox Reveals How She Lost Her Baby Weight

Megan Fox Weight Loss Before and After

Megan Fox got back to her pre-pregnancy body in record time by sticking to a strict low-carb Paleo diet.

“I’ve had to eliminate bread from my diet, so I’m on that high-protein, very low-carbohydrate, very low-sugar diet,” Fox told E! “It’s kind of awful.”

Looking at the brunette bombshell’s slim figure, it’s impossible to tell that she just gave birth in February to her second son.  This time around Megan says it took about 4-5 months to get her figure back, while it only took 2 months with her first child. During her first pregnancy Megan gained just 23 pounds and used a dairy free version of the Paleo diet along with regular exercising to drop the extra pounds.

“After both pregnancies I used a version of this diet (Paleo) to shed the weight.  After my first child, I also used Garcinia Cambogia . I think using it was a big factor in the amount of time it took me to drop the weight. After my second child, losing the weight was a little more difficult and took a little longer…..I think not using Garcinia was a major reason why. “

Megan Fox Workout Routine

Fox has always loved working out and it really shows. During both her preganacies Fox exercised regularly. She combines a strength training and stretching program with rigorous cardio exercises.Megan Fox Diet

The Megan Fox After-Baby Transformation


It seems like Megan Fox has gotten notes from her previous famed movies “The Transformers” as she has had a huge transformation herself, being able to get rid of the baby weight faster than any one would have expected from her.

It is amazing that it only took her 5 months to be able to get back into shape, looking as if she never even gave birth to her youngest son Bodhi, and not to mention she already has an older 1 year old son Noah.

The movie industry is filled with so many opportunities for celebrities like Megan Fox to be able to find the best health and fitness options that are available for them but not a lot of people are aware that these celebrity secrets are actually very practical and simple tips that you can also follow.

New mothers, in fact all other mothers out should take a few of Megan Fox’s health and fitness tips into consideration as these are very practical steps to consider when you aspire to lose the excess weight.

 Utilizing a Healthy Diet- Paleo Style

Sticking to a diet plan is difficult and Megan Fox admits to this fact too, as she had to go through a strict and healthy diet to be able to lose all of the baby weight she gained from pregnancy. In interviews Megan swears to the efficiency of the diet plan that she strategically followed for months on end.

She was able to cut down on many of her favorite carbohydrates like breads and pastas but substituted these for healthier carbohydrate sources as well as higher servings of proteins which helped a lot to increase her metabolism. She also admits to a Paleo styled diet plan that had her eating a lot of organic products and veering away from the processed ingredients, especially sugars.

 Getting into a Workout Regimen

It was not only the tough diet regimen that got Megan back into her pre-baby figure, she also had to stick to a regular workout regimen that she actually performed while she had her baby. According to her long time personal trainer, Megan is very dedicated when it comes to health Skinny Megan Foxand it is not only her diet that she looks out for, she also is very mindful of keeping exercise at the top of her priorities.

The secret for Fox’s surprisingly fast weight loss was the fact that she continued exercising even during her pregnancy. Her personal trainer discussed that her exercise regimen included cardio, stretching and flexibility exercises and also some resistance training, this was a key ingredient that made her weight loss seem like a breeze.

Commitment and dedication was what kept Megan Fox veering away from all of her vices, she quit eating unhealthy and dropped her smoking habit too. It also helped that her constant effort to keep an active everyday life and to clean up her diet is shared by her husband Brian Austin Green, as they take care to stay away from sugar, processed food and all other junk food.


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