Graham Elliott Lost Over 150 LBS! His Secret Diet Revealed!

Graham Elliot is best known for being a judge on the reality TV show, MasterChef. He is also best known for being the big fat judge on the show. However, recently Graham set out to change that view of himself. Graham Elliot Before and After Weight Loss

Graham struggled with his weight for most of his life. He was always, “the big guy” growing up. He never really took losing weight seriously until one afternoon when he went to school with his son for a parent show an tell day.

“I went to my son’s kindergarten class to do a little Q&A with the kids and one of the boys took a soccer ball, put it under his shirt, and said, “I’m Mylo’s dad! Look how fat I am!” I decided right then and there to make a change. I vowed never again to embarrass my children.” He told

It often takes a significant event, or embarrassing moment for people to find the motivation for a big life change. In his case, it was Graham’s children that provided that motivation.

Weighing in at over 400 pounds, Graham new it was not going to be an easy journey and that he would need professional help to really make an impact. He turned to celebrity fitness doctor, Dr. Prachand for help and advise.

Being as heavy as he was, Dr. Prachand recomended weight loss surgery for Graham. With a BMI over 50, he was a candidate for a procedure called a duodenal switch, an operation where almost 70% of the stomach is removed. However, the duodenal switch operation often leaves patients with diluted and dulled taste buds as it interferes with the patients ability to process dietary fats.

Graham’s line of work did not coincide with the best surgical option for him, since his job requires many daily mini tastings of food and of course requires a precise pallet. With duodenal switch being out of the picture, Graham and his doctor opted for a less invasive surgery followed by a strict diet and exercise program once completed.

How Graham Lost Over 160 Pounds in 8 Months

Instead of the duodenal, Graham and his doctor opted for a sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Going into the surgery, Graham knew that it would only be a stepping stone on his weight loss journey. Many people undergo these surgeries and think that getting the surgery is the only effort they will need to put into their weight loss. Graham knew this was not going to be his case.

After the surgery, Graham began a diet and exercise program that required daily workouts (see the Sean Penn workout here!), dietary supplements to fight cravings (Garcinia Cambogia), and a strict diet plan. He removed all sweets from his diet completely, even having his fitting room on MasterChef stocked with almonds, fresh fruits, and seaweed chips instead of the normal candies and chocolates.

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