Chris Moyles Shares His Weight Loss Story

Chris Moyles recently lost an incredible amount of weight and looks slimmer and trimmer than ever. The former Radio 1 presenter moved to LA and apparently his health conscious surroundings are starting to pay off big time! He says the biggest help he had while shedding pound after pound was using Slimfy to suppress his appetite and control urges to snack. Chris Moyles Weight Loss

Chris Moyles quit the Breakfast Show recently and has been enjoying retirement from the entertainment industry. Although he is only 40, he said that he is “retired at the moment” and wanted to focus on his health and weight loss. The results have been nothing short of amazing – as Chris literally looks like half the man that he used to be.

The amazing weight loss transformation has helped Chris in all facets of his life. Chris said that is really happy and never had more energy. He has been traveling frequently and enjoying the good life as a healthy and slim 40 year old man.

Chris knew that when he turned 40 it was time to take his weight loss and health seriously. He was tired of being the “fat guy” and wanted to make an incredible transformation. He said that being slim and trim and having more energy than ever before is an easy trade off to the sedentary and indulgent life style that he used to live.

So how did Chris Moyles lose so much weight so quickly?

Chris said that it was all about consistency and learning a few tricks on how to melt stubborn body fat and increase energy levels.

Chris got the help of a celebrity trainer and nutritionist right away. His “weight loss team” put him on a great regimen that whipped him into shape expeditiously.

Chris was not only doing cardio 3 times per week but also hitting the free weights. The more lean muscle mass that Chris put on the faster his metabolism became. This supercharged his results.

Another sidekick Chris used to drastically increase his energy levels and fat loss was the all-natural supplement Slimfy. Chris would supplement with Slimfy 3 times per day and said that he couldn’t believe how much his energy levels increased.

Slimfy worked to attack his fat cells and utilize them as an additional energy source. This worked like magic and between Chris’s fitness regimen and improved diet the weight literally started falling off.

So what kind of diet routine did Chris Moyles follow to supercharge his results? Lets take a look.

Chris Moyles Diet Plan

The biggest change in Chris Moyles diet was to incorporate more foods that would increase his health and energy levels. Chris loves to eat – but he was also serious about his weight loss.Chris Moyles Diet

Believe it or not Chris still ate about 2,000 calories per day during his transformation – but made sure they were really nutrient dense and high protein options.

Instead of eating bad carbohydrates like pizza, bread and ice cream – Chris switched to oatmeal with fresh fruit, organic veggies, and Quinoa. By keeping his carbohydrate consumption healthier and his insulin levels low he was able to supercharge his energy levels and transform his body into an efficient fat burning machine.

Another big change in his diet was that he ate a lot of lean protein. Chris tried to consume about 40 percent of his calories from lean protein. Since he was working out regularly he needed the extra protein to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. The extra protein was used to fuel his workouts and to build his muscles bigger and stronger which has an incredible weight loss benefit to it.

Chris stuck to 4 main protein sources throughout his weight loss transformation. He wanted to make sure his protein choices were really lean and didn’t carry a lot of excess animal fat. Chris’s nutrionist had him stick to egg whites, boneless skinless chicken, fish and fat free turkey. These are all really high quality forms of protein that supercharged his weight loss results.

Chris also found it helpful during his weight loss transformation to take a Slimfy pill before breakfast, lunch and dinner. One interesting side effect that Chris noticed from taking the pills with large meals is that he no longer got tired and lethargic from eating a lot. This was a huge bonus because Chris needed all the energy he could get to fuel his workouts.

Chris Moyles weight loss story should be an inspiration to anyone looking to shed unwanted body fat quickly. Chris Moyles did not starve himself. He instead opted to eat healthier, become more active and incorporate an all-natural fat burner (Slimfy) to supercharge his energy and results.

By staying away from the harmful stimulant based fat burners, Chris Moyles will be able to maintain his weight loss results and not harm his long-term health. Well-done Chris!

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