Ben Affleck Hit The Weight Room For Batman Role!

Have you heard the big news? There is a new Batman movie coming out and you won’t believe who got the lead role as the famed Superhero.Affleck Getting Big For New Role

It was a shock to many moviegoers and fans of Batman when they announced that Ben Affleck would play the role of Batman.

Christian Bale was the old Batman and was an incredible pick due to his stature, presence and calm demeanor.

Christian Bale also had the body to pull it off – as he was hovering well over 200 lbs of pure muscle when he was playing the Batman role.

Many people wondered how Ben Affleck would pull off the role – especially since he has never been known to have a muscular physique.

When the initial photos of Ben Affleck hit the Internet people were shocked at his transformation. It looked like in only a few short months that he was able to pack on over 20 lbs of pure muscle.

Ben Affleck had only 4 months to pack on an incredible amount of weight. When Ben Affleck agreed to take on the role of Batman – the producer and director told him that he had to gain at least 20 lbs before they started filming.

This meant that he had to hit the weights hard and eat a lot of good calories so his body would grow lean muscle mass expeditiously.

Ben Affleck Batman

Ben got advice from several top celebrity trainers. Ben then sat down and figured out a strategic approach to his workouts, meals and supplements.

Ben Affleck was right on the money when he mapped out his muscle-building regimen as he looked like a chiseled and buff superhero when the pictures of him leaked.

So how did Ben Affleck get so ripped and big so quick? Let’s dive in and take a look at his routine (Check out Ben’s Full Batman Workout Here!).

The first major change to Ben’s lifestyle was his intense weight room workouts. Ben would only perform high intensity interval training once per week as his cardio – and put an emphasis on lifting heavy weights with his bodies largest and strongest muscle groups.

This helped him pack on weight very quickly and also increased his anabolic muscle building hormones. The best part about putting on lean muscle mass is that you increase your metabolism and burn fat in the process.

Ben would perform 4 highly intense workouts per week that would put an emphasis on chest, shoulders and arm growth.

Not only did Ben Affleck put on some serious weight for the role of Batman but he also got a lot stronger. Ben says that he improved his bench press and dead lift by over 50 lbs.

Ben’s approach to nutrition was very calculated – as he knew from experience that he had to create a strategic calorie surplus to build lean muscle mass quickly.

Ben would eat about 3,000 calories and would typically consume 6 meals per day.

Most of his meals consisted of lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. The only time of the day he would consume sugar was right after his heavy weight training workouts to increase his anabolic hormone insulin.

Ben’s favorite muscle building meals were grass fed beef with sweet potatoes and fresh salmon with brown Rice.

In an attempt to increase his calories to build lean muscle mass he also started eating almond butter almost every day –and this quickly became one of his favorite foods.

Another diet trick that Ben did while increasing his daily calories is he started adding sliced avocado and guacamole to many of his meals. This increased his healthy fat content and raised his natural testosterone levels.

Ben also took several supplements to supercharge his results and make sure his body fat stayed extremely low while eating so many calories.

One supplement that Ben relied on to get shredded towards the end of his muscle-building regimen was Alpha Cut HD. This helped him lose body fat very quickly while keeping his lean muscles hard and toned.

Ben also took his Formula T-10 every single day to enhance his body’s testosterone levels naturally without having to rely on dangerous anabolic steroids.

Ben said that the Formula T-10 helped to raise his body’s free testosterone – which allowed him to boost lean muscle mass, increase metabolism and increase his energy levels.

Ben Affleck stuck to his routine of 4 intense weight room workouts per week with 1 High intensity interval-training day for 4 straight months.

He also had an incredible diet and supplement regimen that helped his body recover quicker while building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat.

The end result was nearly 25 lbs of lean muscle gains in only 4 months – making him the new broad shouldered king of Gotham!

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